Things you Don’t know about Handmade Jewelry

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Technology sure has taken everything under control in this century but there are still some people left on earth who like to have vintage and artistic things. Handmade jewelry trends are forever green in fashion. These pieces of jewelry are like mini works of art. This is why; handmade jewelry takes more time, more efforts and is more expensive than mass manufactured items. Here are the five things that you didn’t know about handmade jewelry:

1. No mass production:

Ever wanted a jewelry item which is rare and which people cannot find in every jewelry store? Handmade jewelry is the answer. Mass production means that the item is produced over and over again while handmade jewelry is totally different. They are unique and cannot be made again and again.

2. You pay for time:

Whether it is a small piece of ear-stud or a huge necklace, it is custom made. When the term handmade is used that means someone’s hands actually touched, crafted, shaped and finished each and every part of the item. That means no machinery was used. It all takes time. The time and skills of the artisans are the price tag of the product.

3. Materials:

The materials used for handmade pieces are of stellar quality. It is hard to even know what are the exact materials used in mass produced factories, where most of the time dirty metals are mixed to make pieces. In the case of handmade pieces, they are sourced from legitimate suppliers.

4. Ethical:

Craftsmen are always concerned about the where the metals come from which they use in a product. These makers choose suppliers that meet their ethical expectations and not only their quality expectations. They have a special relationship with every design they create and they get more involved to every curve and line they make.

5. Quality/Uniqueness:

Every craftsman has different mind and ideas. That is why pieces are made in small quantity; each piece takes a lot of time and effort so the quality is always better than the machinery product. It is a lot more than a process. Handmade jewelry is unique and expensive because craftsmen control it from start to finish.

Handmade isn’t like any other jewelry that you can wear today and throw it in the jewelry box forever when the trend will be over. Handmade jewelry is a never-ending trend. So, if you’re shopping for high-quality handmade jewelry, browse our large selection:

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