5 Gemstones Rarer than Diamonds

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Did you know that some gemstones are rarer than diamond? Actually, there are many of gemstones which are rarer and a lot more valuable than a diamond. Here, we present to you a collection of the five of the rarest gemstones on earth. So that next time you buy someone a diamond as a gift you should have these gemstones in mind.

5. Tanzanite:

Tanzanite is known as to be the’ 1000 times rarer than diamond’. It is only found in only one place Merelani foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and has the limited supplies. Tanzanite is also famous for changing its color depending on the light. Because of its presence in a particular place, it is possible that the world’s supply of tanzanite might be left very less than now in the following 20 years.

Tanzanite gleams an intense blue colour and also reflects hues of purple and violets too. Here is a pendant that is made using freshwater pearls and marble with a similar colour palette.

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4. Black Opal:

Black Opal is a greenish type of opal with black mottling and gold flecks. It has a darker (dark) quartz-like layer that empowers more prominent refraction/impression of the light to the upper side of the opal, particularly the reds and pinks. The name derived from the Greek word “Opallus” which means “to see change in color”. Typically found in Lightning Ridge, Australia. Australia produces 97% of Black Opal. The rest 3% is found in opal mining town of Mintabie, South Australia.

An alternate to black opal is almost impossible but the Earth is a rich source of very rare and beautiful natural stones. Check out this pendant set to crave your lust for black opal.

3. Benitoite:

Other than blue diamonds, there is another blue gemstone which is rarer than diamond. Most of the Benitoite comes from the waters of San Benito River in California, USA.  Some of the Benitoite is also found in Japan Alaska and Arkansas. Blue color shines even more in UV light. This stone is called as the king of gemstones in “rarer than diamond” list.

2. Alexandrite:

Alexandrite is popular for its impressive shift in colors when you observe it in natural sunlight and in dark. It is the member of ‘emerald ‘family. It gives off the similar greenish shade like emerald in natural sunlight and darker purple or scarlet red shade in incandescent light. It was named in honor of the Russian Tsar Alexander II. Alexandrite famous phrase is “emerald by day, ruby by night”.

Here is an alternate:

The zircon in this ring depicts the hue that is usually associated with an Alexandrite.

1. Kashmir Sapphire:

Yes, you read it right; the famous and rarest gemstones aren’t in the oceans of Antarctica where you can’t reach. It is near you in the valley of Kashmir. Simple sapphire and Kashmir sapphires are different but they are same in color. Simple sapphire can also be found in different colors, yellow, orange and purple but mostly in blue. Kashmir sapphire has cloudiness due to inclusions and extremely good blue color, making them greatly desired, but they are extremely scared.

Our product, midnight Affair is made using treated sapphires to enhance their colour. Since no new mines of Kashmir sapphires have been discovered since the 1920s, the alternate in the form of treated sapphires can be worn.

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